All circulars are provided in PDF format unless otherwise stated. Circulars that are potential policies will not show as approved policies on this page, only as they were presented at the IFC meeting. Approved policies can be found here.  

2018-12: Board of Review Annual Report 2017-2018
2018-11: P&T Guidelines 2019-2020
2018-10: P&T Recommended Changes
2018-09: Model School Council Constitutions
2018-08: Memo to School Governance Leaders Regarding School Constitution and Bylaws Revisions
2018-07: Changes to the IUPUI Faculty Council Constitution and Bylaws (Red Lined)
2018-06: Changes to the IUPUI Faculty Council Constitution and Bylaws
: Faculty Affairs Committee Proposal to Update the Composition of the IUPUI Faculty Council
2018-05: Memorial Resolution for Kevin Rodgers (School of Medicine)
2018-04: Proposal to Update the Composition of the IUPUI Faculty Council
2018-03: IU Online Education, Mission Fall 2017
2018-02: Faculty Affairs Committee Recommendation on the Composition of the IFC (RE: NTTF)
2018-01: Career EDGE
2017-18: Learning with Integrity
2017-17: Determination of "N" for 2017-2019 (Updated)
2017-16: Memorial Resolution for Kimberly Quaid (School of Medicine)

2017-15: Faculty Affairs Committee Report - May 2, 2017
2017-14: IUPUI Guidelines for Faculty Work Arrangements
2017-13: Faculty Sponsorship of Student Admission as a Beginning Freshman
2017-12: Board of Review Annual Report 2016-2017 
2017-11: Memorial Resolution for William Reid (School of Science)
2017-10: Motion to Amend the Bylaws of the IUPUI Faculty Council
2017-09: Statement in Support of the Safety and Wellbeing of Indiana University Students, Faculty, and Staff
2017-08: Academic Standing Policy: Probation, Dismissal, Reinstatement (PDR)
2017-07.1: Creation of an IUPUI Ombudsteam (second read)
2017-07: Creation of an IUPUI Ombudsteam
2017-06: Creating the Title and Rank of Professor of Teaching [discipline or field]
2017-05: Sanctuary Campus
2017-04: Memorial Resolution for John Buhner (School of Liberal Arts) 
2017-03: Faculty Affairs Committee: Clinical Faculty Promotion Criteria and Expectations 
2017-02: Faculty Affairs Committee: Clarification of IUPUI Emeritus Policy 
2017-01: Memorial Resolution for William Harvey (McKinney School of Law)

2015-07: Memorial Resolution for Dolores Cikrit (School of Medicine)
2015-08: Memorial Resolution for Robert Davis (School of Science)
2015-09: Determination of "N" for 2015-2017
2016-01: Memorial Resolution for David Flockhart (School of Medicine)
2016-02: Memorial Resolution for Carl Rothe (School of Medicine)
2016-03: President's Report to the April 5, 2016, IFC Meeting
2016-04: NTTF Task Force Report and The Determination of N
2016-04.1: Revised NTTF Task Force Report and The Determination of N
2016-05: Memorial Resolution for Katherine Schilling (School of Informatics and Computing)
2016-06: Board of Review Annual Report 2015-16
2016-07: Statement on Freedom of Speech
2016-08: Statement on Diversity-Unity
2016-09: Recommendation on Campuswide Core Questions for Online Course Questionnaires

2014-09: Memorial Resolution for Professor Jerome Clark (School of Engineering and Technology)
2014-10: Open Access
2014-11: Fall Enrollment Report
2014-12: Paw's Pantry Flyer
2014-13: Media Kit - Foundations of Excellence Transfer Focus Project
2014-14: Infographic on Transfer Students at IUPUI
2014-15: Campus Planning Committee Response to the Bicentennial Strategic Plan
2014-16: School of Education's Reponse to the Bicentennial Strategic Plan
2014-17: IUPUI Research Strategic Plan
2014-18: IUPUI Research Strategic Plan Appendix
2014-19: Civility Statement Draft
2015-01: Memorial Resolution for Professor David Gibson (School of Medicine)
2015-02: Memorial Resolution for Professor Hiremagalur Jayaram (School of Medicine)
2015-03: Report from the Constitution and Bylaws Committee: Motions Concerning the University Faculty Council, Distance Education Committee, and the Handbook Committee
2015-04: Faculty Bonus Plan
2015-04.1: Faculty Bonus Plan (Revised May 4, 2015)
2015-05: Memorial Resolution for Librarian Emeritus Marie Turner-Wright (University Library)
2015-06: Memorial Resolution for Professor Emeritus Marilyn Bartlett (School of Medicine)

2013-16: 2013 Fall Enrollment Report
2013-17: Fall 2013 Enrollment Highlights
2013-18: Common Theme 2013
2013-19: Memorial Resolution for Dr. Daniel Nützel (School of Liberal Arts)
2013-20: Sexual Assault Prevention, Intervention, and Response (SAPIR)
2013-21: SAPIR Fact Sheet
2013-22: Determination of "N"
2013-23: Resolution to Support the Freedom Indiana Coalition and IU in Opposition of HJR6
2014-01: Statement on Faculty Work (DRAFT with Tracking Changes)
2014-02: Statement on Faculty Work FINAL
2014-03: Proposal to Change the Charge to the Campus Planning Committee
2014-04: Academic Affairs Committee Recommendation Regarding the Participation of IUPUI in the Advance College Project
2014-05: Academic Affairs Committee Recommendation Regarding the RISE Challenge
2014-06: Memorial Resolution for Dr. Rebecca Markel (School of Nursing)
2014-07: Sustanability of Research Centers
2014-08: Board of Review Annual Report

2013-01: Memorial Resolution for Dr. Sheldon Siegel (School of Social Work)
2013-02: Proposal for the Merger of the School of Informatics and the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University.
2013-03: Memorial Resolution for Dr. Stephen Allen (School of Medicine)
2013-04: Memorial Resolution for Dr. Marchusa Huff (School of Nursing)
2013-05: Motion to Change the Academic Calendar for Fall 2014
2013-06: Parking Resolution
2013-07: Sustainability Policies
2013-08: Memorial Resolution for Dr. Steven Neumann (School of Medicine)
2013-09: General Education Common Core Update
2013-10: Attending Class without Enrollment
2013-11: Legislative Encroachment on the Academic Mission of Indiana University
2013-12: Statement on Faculty Work
2013-13: Memorial Resolution for Dr. Sharon Farley (School of Nursing)
2013-14: IUPUI General Education Core for 2013
2013-15: IUPUI's Proposed 30-Hour General Education Core

2012-01: Memorial Resolution for Dr. James G. Morphis II (School of Medicine)
2012-02: 400 Level PUL Direct Assessment
2012-03: Spring 2012 Enrollment Report
2012-04: Memorial Resolution for Dr. John "Jack" Price (School of Liberal Arts)
2012-05: Memorial Resolution for Dr. B. Bruce Wagener (School of Liberal Arts)
2012-06: Administrative Withdrawal Policy
2012-07: Bachelors of General Studies
2012-08: Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct - Part V Student Disciplinary Procedures
2012-08.1: Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct - Part V Revised, April 2012
2012-09: CIC Statement on Publishing Agreements
2012-10: A Transferable Common Core Curriculum at IUPUI, Spring 2012
2012-10.1: A Transferable Common Core Curriculum at IUPUI, Spring 2012, Version 2
2012-10.2: A Transferable Common Core Curriculum at IUPUI, Spring 2012, Feedback
2012-11: Academic Misconduct Reporting Form
2012-12: Student Code Appendix A-G
2012-12.1: Student Code Appendix A-G Revised, April 2012
2012-13: Student Code Appeal Forms
2012-14: IUPUI Emergency Withdrawal
2012-14.1: IUPUI Emergency Withdrawal Revised, April 30, 2012