Nominating Committee


This committee shall: (1) solicit and receive from members of the faculty nominations for at-large representatives to the IUPUI Faculty council and for members of the University Faculty Council; (2) nominate members of the faculty and librarians for elections by the Faculty Council to the positions of President and Vice-President of the Faculty, membership on the Executive Committee, membership on the Nominating Committee, at-large membership on the IUPUI Promotion and Tenure Committee, and membership in the pool for appointment to Faculty Boards of Review; (3) verify in every case that any nomination is made with the prior consent of the person(s) nominated; (4) oversee the election of the at-large IUPUI representatives and the U FC representatives (Bylaw III.B.13).

Members with Term Expiring June 30, 2019

Olguta, Buse (Science) (Co-Chair 2017-18; Chair 2018-19)
Mayo, Lindsey (Medicine)
Mendonca, Marc (Medicine)

Members with Term Expiring June 30, 2018

Marrs, Kathy (Science)
Miller, Willie (University Library)
Windsor, L. Jack (Dentistry)
Wokeck, Marianne (Liberal Arts)(Chairs)

Liaisons for 2017-2018 (or Ex Officio)

Windsor, L. Jack (Executive Committee Liaison)
Ferguson, Margie (Academic Affairs)(Administrative Liaison)