The IUPUI Faculty Council (IFC) is a governance body of elected faculty members from each IUPUI school with the responsibility of exercising faculty authority for the IUPUI campus. The purpose is to provide governance to the IUPUI faculty as afforded by the Indiana University Board of Trustees and the Constitution of the Indiana University Faculty. 

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month between 3 and 5 p.m. unless specified otherwise. Meetings are open to everyone; however, only elected members, as specified by the Constitution, may vote on issues. Special meetings of the faculty may be called by the president or vice president of the faculty, the chancellor of IUPUI, the Executive Committee, or by petition of at least fifty voting members of the faculty.


Membership is composed of faculty (tenure track and non-tenure-track). Elected members are unit representatives and at-large representatives. Ex officio voting members include the chancellor of IUPUI, two members from the Chancellor's Cabinet who hold faculty appointments, and any elected member of the Executive Committee who is not otherwise a member of the council. Ex officio non-voting members include the head of each academic unit located in Indianapolis, school faculty governance leaders, a parliamentarian, the president of the IUPUI Student Assembly, the president of the IUPUI Staff Council (or a representative), members of the University Faculty Council (from IUPUI), and a representative from the IUPUI Senior Academy. Members serve a two-year term and are eligible for re-election to another two-year term. 


Committees are integral to the work of the council. Members come from the council membership as well as from the faculty campuswide. Members may serve three two-year terms.

Reports and Items of Interest

Report on the Faculty Census 2018

Faculty Council Governance Structure


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