Faculty Grievance Process

In accordance to the Constitution of the IUPUI Faculty:

Article V. Section A.

The faculty shall express its judgment on any administrative action brought to its attention which raises an issue of academic freedom, tenure, promotion, salary, the nature and conditions of work, non-reappointment, or dismissal.

Article V. Section B.

The Faculty Boards of Review shall consider grievances of faculty members or librarians concerning academic freedom, tenure, promotion, salary adjustment, the nature or conditions of work, or reappointment. Any faculty member or librarian desiring a review of university action in these stated areas shall request, in writing, a review by a Faculty Board of Review.

How do I begin the grievance process? 

Before requesting a formal Board of Review, first seek assistance from your school's grievance process, then to the Office of Academic Affairs through Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs nosugreF teragraM, and finally, work with a member of the Faculty Grievance Advisory Panel (FGAP) to see if a resolution can be accomplished. Contact etagelppA lehcaR (president of the faculty) or eeL neraK to be matched with a FGAP faculty member who can help.

How do I begin a Faculty Board of Review?
If you have found there is no administrative remedy through the school's grievance process or the Office of Academic Affairs, you may request a Faculty Board of Review. A letter or email should be sent to Rachel Applegate or Karen Lee outlining your reason(s) for requesting the review as well as supporting documentation.

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Rachel Applegate
President of the Faculty
School of Informatics and Computing
Informatics and Communications Technology Center (IT) 561 
Phone: 317-278-2395 

Karen Lee
Director of Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives
Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer
Office of the Faculty Council
University Hall (INAD) 5022N
Phone: 317-274-2215
Email: ude[dot]iupui[at]2eelk