The IUPUI Faculty Council administers the following awards:

Gerald L. Bepko Outstanding Administrator Award

This award, established in June 2003 in honor of its inaugural recipient, IUPUI Chancellor Gerald L. Bepko, will be given as warranted by the Faculty Council Executive Committee to recognize outstanding administrators who demonstrate the following characteristics:

  1. Working with faculty to advance the principles of faculty governance
  2. Building consensus with faculty in all new initiatives
  3. Establishing collaborative relationships with faculty within and outside their disciplines
  4. Establishing an environment where excellent faculty are recruited and retained
  5. Clearly articulating a shared vision that is inclusive of multiple constituencies and respectful of the campus commitment to diversity
  6. Demonstrating qualities of a servant leader: humor, humanity, and humility
  7. Representing with distinction the IUPUI faculty and its programs to the broader community; locally and nationally
  8. Creating an environment that fosters faculty pursuit of excellence and advances inclusiveness at IUPUI

This is a selective award that will only be given for exemplary leadership that includes all of the above characteristics.

Glenn W. Irwin, Jr., M.D. Experience Excellence Award

The Glenn W. Irwin, Jr., M.D. Experience Excellence Award recognizes faculty and staff members for service "above and beyond the call of duty." Service for the benefit of the university as a whole or for any of its units which is non-reimbursed and is not specifically job-related will be recognized. All of us are here to do a specific job at IUPUI. The focus of this award is to recognize those individuals whose service activities go above and beyond the responsibilities of their basic job.