Faculty Grievance Advisory Panel


The IUPUI Faculty Grievance Advisory Panel is an elected faculty group designed to be available early on in the course of developing or potential grievances. Its members are available to serve as impartial consultants for faculty/librarians and administrators who seek confidential informed advice from senior faculty colleagues. The Panel members also are available to help resolve situations informally by encouraging and facilitating discussions between the parties to the grievance. At the conclusion of its work, the Faculty Grievance Advisory Panel shall not compile any report or file containing the specific information of any grievance brought to it (Bylaw IV.A.2).

Committee Members

Members with Term Expiring January 31, 2018
Murphy, Miriam (Law) 
Palmer, Kristi (University Library)
Windsor, L. Jack (Dentistry)  
Wokeck, Marianne (Liberal Arts)

Liaisons for 2017-2018 (Or Ex Officio)
Watt, Jeff (Science) (Ex Officio: Vice President)
Applegate, Rachel (Informatics and Computing) (Ex Officio: President)

Members with Term Expiring January 31, 2019
Goff, Philip (Liberal Arts)
Mendonca, Marc (Medicine) (Chair)
Schild, John (E&T)