Board of Review Pool


Each Faculty Board of Review shall consist of five members appointed by the Executive Committee of the IUPUI Faculty Council from a group of 20 faculty members and librarians elected by the Faculty Council (Bylaw IV.E.1).

Committee Members

Members with Terms Expiring June 30, 2018
Goodlett, Charles (Science)
Jones, Josette (Informatics and Computing)
Murphy, Miriam (Law)
Palmer, Kristi (University Library)
Petrache, Horia (Science)
Pollock, Karen (Medicine)
Schild, John (E&T)
Wells, Clark (Medicine)
Windsor, L. Jack (Dentistry)
Wokeck, Marianne (Liberal Arts)

Members with Terms Expiring June 30, 2019
Belecky-Adams, Teri (Science)
Boyne, Shawn (Law)
Dent, Alexander (Medicine)
Goff, Philip (Liberal Arts)
Humphrey, Richard (Law Library)
Lahiri, Debomoy (Medicine)
Li, Lei (Science)
Pavalko, Fred (Medicine)
Urtel, Mark (PETM)
Warner, Cheryl (Columbus)

Past Reports to the IFC